"When we take the joy out of eating, nutrition suffers."

- Ellyn Satter




Amy Reich, MS, ANutr, is the founder of Curated Nutrition & Health Promotion.


Our mission is to provide quality, creative, online continuing education and turn-key courses for health & wellness professionals (and related organizations) including: health education specialists, nutrition professionals, yoga teachers & schools, and direct support professionals.



We will customize a program to meet the unique needs of your population or you can choose from already developed courses.


Past clients/projects include:

  • Eating disorder prevention & awareness for elementary school parents and teachers

  • Healthy habits program for adults with developmental disabilities

  • Mindful eating course

  • Stress management program for women in mid-life

  • Motivational interviewing online training

Coming soon in 2021: Online course: Intuitive Eating for the Prevention of Orthorexia in Yoga Teachers

  • Behavioral Health Nutrition

  • Stress management

  • Intuitive eating

  • Prevention of eating disorders

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Online Courses
Classes, Programs, and Products

 Please contact me via my contact page.

I offer a variety of individual & group programs, classes, virtual classes, e - books, and products. NOTE: All classes and work is virtual. Based in Los Angeles, and can work with clients across most states. ( Some nutrition work may be limited in certain states due to licensing requirements).


SOS Stress Relief Toolkit

My current stress management program is:


Stress management classes and resources for care providers  (families and direct support professionals) of adults with autism and other developmental disabilities.

  WEBINAR Teaching Healthy Eating Habits & Positive Body Image to Elementary School Girls & Boys in a Culture of Disordered Eating. 

For parents and teachers: Introduction to early eating disorder Disorder Prevention & Awareness in girls & boys ages 6-10.

WATCH the presentation here:


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